Oh, Hello! Thanks for stopping by.
If we've never met before, I'm Jenn.
I'm a yoga teacher, writer and public speaker.
I'm on a mission to help you create more joy and peace in your life.


By helping you connect the dots between what you think and how you feel.
By giving you the tools to love who you are and appreciate what you have.
By helping you see that you have a special place and purpose in this world.

My passion for movement and creative expression was sparked by my years as a dancer. The competitive nature of dance threw my already negative way of seeing myself and the world into overdrive. Nothing was ever good enough. I spent many of the first twenty years of my life suffering in silence with depression and anxiety until, in my third year of university, my mental health hit rock bottom - more on that here. I found myself sitting on a big comfy couch in front of a therapist who said:

"You should really try yoga"

With the encouragement - okay maybe forcing - of my Mom, I went to a class. Believe me, it was not love at first down dog. I actually found it boring but the feeling of peace I had at the end of class kept me coming back. Yoga helped me feel better but I wasn't getting this whole 'yoga changed my life' stuff I had heard about.

In 2009, I discovered Power Yoga Canada and Kinndli McCollum. Her classes, her teachers and the welcoming community of her studio had me hooked and for the first time in my life I was able to pinpoint exactly what was making me so miserable.


With a daily yoga practice and the guidance of some amazing teachers, I finally became aware of what was going on up in that brain of mine. I stopped pointing the finger at what - and who - needed to change for me to be happy and instead looked at what needed to change on the inside. 

I realized that if I changed what I was thinking, I could change how I was feeling. 
Now I want to help you do the same.

In 2011 I completed my first 200-Hour Teacher Training and have been teaching full time ever since. In 2012 I opened my first yoga studio in a boathouse on Lake Rosseau - side-note, you should come visit. I spent 5 years splitting my time between Muskoka and Toronto and am now on a new life adventure splitting my time between London, UK and Muskoka. I'm so grateful that I discovered this practice when I needed it most and sharing it with others is what I get to call 'work'. 

But there's one problem. 
A lot of you still DON'T DO YOGA. 

And I want to reach you too.
I believe that too many of us are just getting by in life, trapped underneath a never-ending to-do list, racing from one place to another, scrolling through social media and staring at screens instead of each other. Then at the end of each day we wonder why we feel so anxious, unfulfilled and left feeling like is this really it?

That's where this blog comes in.
It's my way of extending my reach beyond the yoga studio. It's my little online home to share some much needed perspective and a bit of hope when life gets rough. A space to help you access and implement the tools and practices that can make your life feel easier and you feel happier.

So if you're reading this and feeling that there's got to be more to life than the daily grind. 
That you want tools to create more joy in your life and peace in your mind.
That you need some courage and camaraderie to chase after your dreams.

This little online home is for you. 

I'll be right here with you, figuring it out as we go.
Here's to creating happiness from the inside out,