Blue Sky is a Bonus

When I told people I was moving to London, I got used to hearing that most of my days would be wet and grey and that I better get my umbrella ready. I was warned of how tough the winters can be over here and that I better hop on a flight every now and then to soak up some sun. It's only November and I have to say I've lucked out with the weather so far but yes, I can confirm, it's pretty grey, pretty often.

As you can imagine, when I finally made the move, my weather expectations were low. I expect it to be dark and rainy every single day. Because of this, I no longer take something as simple as sunshine for granted. When I wake up to bright blue sky, it feels like such a gift. 

I was walking home from spinning this morning feeling the sunshine on my face and appreciating more than I ever have how vibrantly blue the sky was above me.

In that moment I realized how much happier I would be if I could somehow remember to look at everything this way. 

What if we could make every moment, every breath and every encounter feel as special as yesterday's blue sky? We would all be so much happier. So let's stop viewing our lives as a bunch of little moments we just need to get through. Let's choose to see these moments as gifts we're lucky to get to experience, because that's what they are.

Yes, daily life can feel stressful, mundane and down right tough at times.

But guess what?

You woke up this morning. You're breathing right now.
That's a gift. A bonus. Like the blue sky.
Start seeing it that way. Go have a good day.