My 4 Tips for Meditation

The number of times in the last decade that I've told myself I was finally going to start meditating (like for real though) and then dropped off a day, a week or a month later is actually laughable.

I was initially hooked on the physical side of yoga because it delivered results I could see - a stronger body, an advancing practice and an increased ability to breath into poses that push me far outside of my comfort zone. Meditation on the other hand was 5 or 10 minutes of discomfort that just confirmed I was one of those people that talked to myself, all the time.

I also decided very quickly that I was 'bad' at meditating. I thought the whole point was to shut my brain off but there I would find myself, sitting and thinking about every possible thing I could. Past. Future. People. Food. The only thing I wasn't thinking about was the present moment which was the whole point right? So I'd give up.

It took me a long time to realize that I couldn't stick with it because I wasn't doing it for myself. I was doing it for everyone else. I was trying to be a 'good' yoga teacher - because that's what 'good' yoga teachers do right?

I didn't get serious about meditation until I started viewing it as exercise for my brain. I all of a sudden realized that I was spending all of this time working my body and absolutely no time working my mind. I knew that the constant chatter in my head needed another tool. Something that didn't require rolling out a mat, wearing stretchy pants, and moving. I needed something that I could do anywhere. And meditation is just that.

In our world of constant stimulation and overwhelm, this is a practice we all need more than ever before. I know it can be daunting to think of sitting still for that any period of time so I've shared a few tips in the video below to get you started. Then I invite you to press play on the audio below the video, close your eyes and put these tips into practice with a free guided meditation. 


This challenge is perfect for you if you're interested in developing a regular mediation practice but feel overwhelmed at the thought of going it alone. All that's asked of you is to carve out 5 minutes each day and I handle the rest.

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