Gift Guide: What to get the Yogi in your Life?

It's December 14th. 

Did anyone else wake up today and realize that none of the Christmas shopping is done? As in it hasn't even been started?

This happens to me every. single. year. Maybe it's because I don't like shopping. Maybe it's that I have trouble making decisions. For whatever reason, I always end up doing my Christmas shopping last minute - which definitely doesn't make the experience any better

In an effort to further procrastinate on my own list, I've decided to help you instead! If you have a yoga-lover in your life, here's a list of some of my favourite things that I'm sure they would love too.


The beautiful thing about yoga and mindfulness is that there is so much to learn! Here is a very short list of my favourite books from my journey as both a student and teacher. Journey to the Heart is always a winner. If the yogi in your life is a serious bookworm, get them all!

Melody Beattie - Journey to the Heart
Don Miguel Ruiz - The Voice of Knowledge
Michael Singer - The Surrender Experiment
Jen Sincero - You are a Badass
Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth

Yoga Classes

If you know they love yoga and you know where they like to practice, go there and buy them a month, a package of classes or just a gift certificate for whatever they'd like to buy themselves. If you know they have a favourite teacher (brownie points) get them a private class him or her. If you aren't sure where they practice or they don't have a regular yoga 'home' consider Passport to Prana which gives them the ability to try a class at SO many different studios in the city. 

lululemon athletica

Shocking, I know! I love everything about lululemon from the clothes to the culture. As far as easy shopping goes, they have you covered. I speak from experience, I worked there when I was doing my first teacher training. Tell them who you're shopping for and that they love yoga and the team will have a gift in your hands in no time. 

B Yoga Mat

I have to admit it took me some time to warm up to the idea of switching from the brand I used religiously for years but I did and I'm hooked. You know when you're in a yoga class and all you can think about is that your hands and feet are slipping? This Canadian company has solved that problem. I prefer the B MAT Everyday because it's light and easy to walk around the city with. The B MAT Strong is a bit thicker and provides more cushioning. 

Online Programs

Let's say, hypothetically of course, that the yogi in your life loves a certain teacher that moved away (maybe to London) and no longer teaches classes in your area. See if that teacher offers any online programs that your yogi might enjoy. Oh come on, I had to. Nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion, right? I have an online store and can customize gift certificates for whatever you'd like to give your yogi. Pick from 3 different online classes, a 31-day online meditation challenge starting January 1st, a summer pass to Power Yoga Canada Muskoka or one of my weekend retreats. The possibilities are endless. Just email me - - and we'll get you sorted!  

Essential Oils

I'm a big fan of essential oils both in my life and in my yoga practice. The simplest way to start is to buy a diffuser, pick a few favourites and start spreading the magic around your home. As we're on a bit of a time crunch here, heading into a Sage store is probably your best bet. They can help you with the best options for your yogi. The 'immune' roller is a personal favourite. I use Doterra essential oils and love them. Some of my favourite blends are 'Easy Air', 'Balance' and 'Motivate'. They can only be purchased online either through someone or by opening a wholesale account.