To the one who...

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To the one who has always struggled with her body...

The one who looks in the mirror and hates what she sees.
The one who doesn't like looking at pictures because she picks herself apart.
The one who is at the gym drowning in sweat because she wants to shrink.
The one who sees beauty in everyone else but can't see it in herself.

I hope that this is the year that you learn to love yourself for who you are already...

The year that you see your body as a gift instead of curse.
The year you pipe up with confidence when your inner critic starts to pick yourself apart.
The year you appreciate what your body can do instead of just what it looks like.
The year you throw out the belief that your value in this world is tied to how you look. 

To the one who has always been mean to herself...

The one who wakes up every morning with a negative thought.
The who believes she's never good enough. 
The one who is constantly criticizing, judging and looking for what's wrong.
The one who wants to make a difference but thinks 'who am I do to that'?

I hope this is the year you realize that your thoughts shape your world...

The year you realize that if you're not happy, no outside change is going to make a difference.
The year you focus on your mind and make the dialogue up there more kind. 
The year you speak up and stand out.
The year you believe that the world needs you, as you, not who you think you need to be. 

TO the one who is starting this year feeling lost...

The one who wonders if life is unfolding how it really should.
The one who is scared of what's next or doesn't even know what's coming.
The one who feels that time is slipping away.
The one who feels anxious because they aren't where they thought they'd be by 'this age'. 

I hope this is the year you learn to trust...

The year you decide to have faith in the fact that somehow life has a way of working itself out.
The year you know that you'll get to where you need to go.
The year you stop wasting time and energy on the things that you can't control. 
The year you choose to believe that you are right where you should be.

To all of us who started this year with big goals, dreams and visions of who we need to become, where we need to go and what we have to look like so we can finally Just be happy.

I hope this is the year that we set ourselves free.