Intentions Diverted

Eyes need a break from the screen?
Listen instead. Press play!

It seems like so many of you have kicked off this year with clear intentions and big goals. I've been loving all the enthusiasm that I've seen for 2018. I always like to have a healthy, productive and inspired start to January but I have to be honest with you.

My first week of 2018 was anything but that.

I spent almost every night out visiting with friends and family. I hopped around between my parents and my sisters condos with no routine and no real bed, crashing with whoever would have me for the night. I raced around the city squeezing as much socializing, food and wine into my time at home as I could. 

I pretty much did the opposite of what most of you were doing and I wouldn't have it any other way. It was a lovely and much needed break from the healthy and sometimes rigid routine that I often find myself in. That said, when I returned to London a week ago I was ready to get back to it with two very clear intentions for this month.

1. Save Money. London is expensive!
2. Eat Healthy. More specifically, eat most of my meals at home. 

I was off to a good start on Tuesday with a fully stocked fridge, a healthy breakfast and a packed lunch to bring to work. Then the universe decided to throw me a curveball. We got an email from our landlord informing us that there was a gas leak in our building and they weren't going to be able to repair it by the end of the day. It was safe to be there but we'd have no hot water, heat or be able to cook. 1 night. No problem! Then it was 2. Now they're saying 10!

So this weekend I found myself in a hotel - enjoying a hot shower at a price - and ordering all of my food - which we all know isn't the healthiest way to eat. To spell it out for you I was spending instead of saving money and I definitely wasn't eating at home. Oops!

If I was getting graded on how my intentions are going for 2018, I'd be a big, fat failure. But that's not what this post is about. In fact, I'm here to say the opposite. I want to talk about how my little gas-leak 'hiccup' can be a lesson to all of us with intentions for this year.

It's inspiring and necessary to have dreams of how you want to feel, where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. These intentions give us direction, keep us motivated and propel us forward. But in the middle of all the planning and goal crushing as they say, we need to remember this:

There is so much in life that we simply cannot control. 

Sometimes even your best intentions get sidetracked and sabotaged for reasons that have nothing to do with you. There are times that life comes in and forces you to pause, stop or divert your focus completely. The questions then becomes, how do you respond when the universe works against you? When things don't go your way? When you want to make something happen and life just doesn't seem to be allowing it? 

Some of us fight. We resist what's happening. We grit our teeth and think that if we just try a little harder, things will work in our favour. That if we can't make it happen now then it never will. Then we get really, really frustrated (aka. pissed off) if our circumstances don't change. 

Some of us resign. We give up. We decide it wasn't meant to be. We go back to sitting on the couch watching life pass us by and the clock tick with yet another day that we didn't pursue our dreams. We think there's always tomorrow. Then we feel down on ourselves for falling into old patterns. 

This week has taught me that there's a different way of dealing with the hiccups, roadblocks and diversions that life often throws at us. It's not about resignation. It's not about forcing through. 

It's about doing the best you can with what life throws at you.

Then chill the F out. Trust that you'll get where you're supposed to go, it just might take a little longer than you expected. Approach this year with the drive and motivation to be in game, willing to work and go after what you want when you can. But also know when it's time to trust, to pause and to wait it out. Show yourself a little compassion and remember: