Your First Thought of the Day

What was the first thing you heard this morning?

Since most of you probably answered your alarm maybe I should rephrase that. What was the second thing you heard this morning? I’m not talking about the noise from outside your bedroom or your roommate/significant other getting ready for work. I’m talking about you - but there’s a good chance you missed it. The moment your alarm goes off, before you even open your eyes, the voice in your head starts talking. It’s constant chatter is such a normal part of our existence that we often don’t notice what it’s actually saying.

Mine was cranky as hell this morning. I woke up before my alarm and with my eyes still closed sensed that it was morning. Ugh, really? Come on, I’m so tired still. Do I have to get up? Sound familiar? I’m sure many of you are used to hearing something similar in the morning.

Does this leave you feeling the way you want to feel when you get out of bed?

For me the answer is 100% no and somehow this morning I caught myself red handed in my cycle of negative thinking. For me it boils down to this: whether the day ahead holds excitement, mundane responsibilities or the phases of life where things are tough, I don’t want to get out of bed taking my life for granted and in my opinion, being annoyed at waking up is exactly that.

Today I opted for a redo - think of a rewind button (that’s maybe the one nice thing about the constant conversation in your head, no one else is affected by it so you can kind of take back what you say). With my eyes still closed I rolled over and thought:

I’m so lucky I woke up today.

Seriously, how lucky are we that our hearts are beating, we’re breathing and we get to embrace another day. I’m all about creating a deeper awareness of the connection between what you think and how you feel. Think a positive, grateful, kind thought and you’ll feel good energy. Think a negative, close-minded, complaint and you won’t. I’m sure this isn’t revolutionary news. We get it. So why is it so hard to actually implement?

I know exactly why. You have 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts per day. That’s between 35-48 thoughts per minute. That’s a lot of thinking and when our minds are so used to zooming in on what’s wrong, the odds are pretty high there’s going to be a whole slew of negative thoughts flying around your mind each day (whole slew is as scientific as I’m going to get on that, we’re assuming here - sorry). Imagine how exhausting it would be to try to scan every single one of those for the energy behind it and how it makes you feel. You’d get nothing else done and you’d be completely overwhelmed at the onslaught of thoughts.

At the same time we know our thoughts impact our experience and we want to make a conscious effort to make them more positive, how can we make this more manageable?

Tackle your very first thought of the day.

For the rest of the week, when you wake up, keep your eyes closed and notice what you hear.

Was it a positive thought?
If the answers no - redo.

You’re so lucky you woke up today.