Meditation: you aren't bad at it

My nose started to itch while I was meditating this morning. I waited a moment to see if it would pass and when it didn’t guess what I did?

I scratched my nose!

Yup, I moved an entire limb when I was ‘supposed to be’ still and the world didn’t end. No meditation god came down from the heavens to smack me with a stick. The teacher (I was in a class) didn’t tell me to get out. I put my hand back where it was and continued business as usual.

In the past this little movement would’ve sent my brain spiralling.

Meditation’s too hard.
I’m doing this all wrong.
Wow I suck at this.
If I can’t do it right, why do it?

I could never live up to the idea I had in my head of what meditation should look and feel like. Sound familiar? It took me a long time to realize that there is no right or wrong in this practice. You can’t fail - as long as you do it.

Sharon Salzberg says meditation isn’t so much about what you’re looking at, it’s more about how you’re looking at it. Whether your mind is busy or calm, your body is settled or fidgety is beyond the point. How are you treating yourself when you notice the chaos in your head? How do you respond when you move an inch? Can you just notice it all without being so damn hard on yourself?

I’m on a mission to demystify this practice so that even the biggest skeptics (Dad? Ha) can reap the benefits. The 31 Day Meditation Challenge kicks off January 1st. For $60+hst you get an email every morning with a theme of the day and a 5 minute guided meditation. All you have to do is sit down, press play and leave the rest up to me. From now until cyber Monday use the code ‘MEDITATE’ at checkout to get $10 off the challenge. You can sign up here.

In the meantime, find a little time each day - even 1 minute - to sit still, close your eyes and notice what you notice. I promise, you can’t get it wrong.