Consistency is Key

Eyes need a break from the screen?
I feel you! Listen instead. Press play! 

A few months ago I vowed to give up being paralyzed by my quest for writing perfection. I finally started blogging again and took it one step further by committing to post every Monday morning. Aside from a little break I took over the Holidays, I've been really consistent with my weekly blog post and it feels great. I'm inspired and in love - okay fine, some days maybe not - with the process of writing again and for the first time in, well maybe forever, I'm not really concerned with who is out there reading. I'm writing for me because it feels really, really good to just be creating again.

If there's one thing I've learned from listening to countless podcasts about writing, entrepreneurship and anything in the realm of creativity, it's that we can't just sit around waiting for inspiration to strike. I found myself caught in that cycle years ago. It turned into a 4 year blogging sabbatical - good thing I don't get paid to do this or I'd be a hungry girl! 

I used to wait for the perfect idea to come to me and then spend lots of time crafting the post itself. My new strategy? Appreciate the moments where I feel inspired and the words flow - they are so lovely - but when that doesn't happen, I still force myself to write. Not just write, but actually put whatever I write out into the world even if - gasp - it's not perfect.

I recently had a friend reach out to me asking how I'm managing to put something out every week. She loves writing but finds herself stuck on where to find inspiration and how to - for lack of a better word - 'spit' out content on a regular basis. I have to say it was flattering and also quite funny that she was asking me how I do it because I'm definitely no expert. I did share with her what has changed in the past few months that has empowered me to stick with writing regularly. I think it might be useful advice for any of you out there with a big, scary goal that your inner perfectionist is holding you back from pursuing because she tells you that you can't start until everything is perfect.

Start Prioritizing your commitment to being consistent over your (Very Human) desire for perfection.

So here I am. It's Sunday night. I've just finished 2 weeks of my 300-hour training, I just got home from a work shift, the couch and Grey's Anatomy are calling but I'm typing away at my computer. Why? Because I made a promise to post on Mondays. Not just to myself but also to whoever out there is expecting their Monday morning blog post - Hi Mom!  

Think about this for a moment. Is there a goal you're working towards that always seems out of reach? A dream you have that seems impossible? A new direction you want to take your career, your business or your life but you feel stuck with the how so you do nothing? 

I have watched perfection overrule consistency time and time again in my life and I'm willing to bet that if you pause for a moment, you'll see too. 

Like wanting to meditate daily but giving up if you don't have a solid amount of time to dedicate to it. Guess what? 1 minute is better than no minutes. Or wanting to move your body daily but if you can't get a full 60 minutes in then what's the point? Guess what? 20 minutes is better than no minutes. Or wanting to write but if you can't find the perfect idea, the perfect title and the perfect picture to go along with it, then you just shouldn't write at all. Guess what? A bunch of regular blog posts is better than zero perfect ones.

I'm sure you get the point. 

Striving for perfection does the opposite of what you want it to. It keeps you stuck, waiting until the day that you'll finally be ready and then wondering why that day never seems to come.

Striving for consistency is a simple but powerful catalyst that takes you step by step, little by little, closer to whatever it is that you want to achieve. 

Which one are you striving for? 
Do you need to make a change?