Laundromat Lessons

I'm sitting here at the laundromat - glam Friday, I know - and overheard the lady who works here say to a man leaving 'have a nice day'. He nodded towards the snowy AF street (in London standards) and moaned, "how can you possibly have a nice day in this?"

Mindset - it's everything. I've been in a bit of a funk this week that started with an overflowing pipe in our living room (ew) that then spiralled into seriously missing my yoga community in Canada and then moved into feeling sorry for myself that Mike works allllll the time. I find it usually happens like that, for me at least, start complaining about one thing and it has a domino effect.

Basically, I'm right where I should be. I needed to overhear the man in the laundromat letting the weather - something he can't control - dictate his happiness. So thank you stranger, for the reminder that so much of my experience is what I choose to create.

Now, as I wait for my sheets to dry so I can bring them home to my cosy bed in my warm flat, I'm thinking about how unbelievably lucky I am to be here, literally right here, in the laundromat, with a beating heart and a healthy body. Life can be good for the simplest reasons when you choose to see it that way.

If you're reading this and feeling more like the man in the laundromat or me earlier this week, here's a little nudge to remember what's good in your life. Now the question is, should I chase down my new friend and share my lesson?

'Hello sir, I know how to have a nice day in this weather ... you just choose to!'