Remembering What Really Matters

Alright guys, I have to be honest, I've had a bit of a frustrating week. After getting locked out of my bank account and struggling to gain access again (you'll hear more on that in next Monday's post) I ran into several little issues with the administrative side of running the Muskoka studio (which surprise, surprise, is not my strong suit as a business owner). Trying to deal with these hiccups in addition to the long (and amazing) hours I'm putting in for Module 3 of my 300-hour training left me feeling frustrated and really in the mood to complain.

Which I did of course, to Mike. Isn't that what boyfriends are for?

As I was about to walk out the door to catch the bus, he told me not to let this stuff ruin my day. In true yoga teacher fashion (which admittedly is often not the case), I said of course it wouldn't. After all, it's just business - in the 'big picture' these things don't matter. This perspective was so easy to have after seeing what happened in Toronto earlier this week. I can't really put into words how sad and shocking it was to watch the news that day. My heart breaks for the people who lost their lives and goes out to the many loved ones they leave behind. Senseless tragedies like this are a strong reminder to the rest of us that life is so unbelievably fragile, that just being here is a precious gift and that we never really know what could happen next. They make complaining about a few banking and business woes seem completely absurd and self-absorbed. 

I'm not saying I'm never going to complain again because I know I will.
I'm not saying I'm never going to take life for granted again because I know I will.

But in those moments where I catch myself complaining, getting overwhelmed or feeling frustrated, I'm going to continue to remind myself of the big picture and what really matters.

When I'm feeling stressed and uncertain about my future, my business or some other piece of my life, I often pause and remember the simple fact that I'm alive and healthy and that the people I love are too.

Just like that, everything gets pushed back into perspective.