Slow Down to Speed Up

Quick question: does rushing ever actually help your cause? Let’s set aside those rare moments where hurrying is essential - like when you’re running through the airport to catch a flight. I’m talking about speeding through your to do list and just trying to get everything done as quickly as possible.

I’ll answer for you.
It definitely doesn’t.

As a yoga teacher, it’s a little funny to admit that I spend a lot of my time racing around. From place to place, class to class. One of my students joked that I should buy a company speed boat to get around faster. ‘Namaste’ then pedal to the metal. Some days that’s what life feels like up here.

Last week I had a few minutes to spare between classes. Instead of taking a break I decided to quickly tackle the chalkboard bubble letters for our posters - if you’ve ever had to write these you know it’s not an easy task. I scribbled away, eyeing the clock and then stepped back to admire my masterpiece. It said:


I went to school for writing. I know that workshops has an ‘H’ in it, I promise. I was trying to cram too much into too little time. My attention was scattered, my energy was hurried and my ‘phenomenal’ bubble letters suffered.

That’s all hurrying does. It diminishes the quality of whatever it is we’re doing. It works against us instead of for us and makes life harder than it has to be. I’m setting the intention every day now to slow down even though life is busy. I’m finding little moments throughout the day to pause and breathe. I’m trusting the timing of the universe. You should too. Everything will get done and it will be a whole lot better if it’s not rushed.

Your intention for this week: slow down. In every part of your life. The yoga teacher in me has to slide this in. Start with your yoga practice - especially the transition from chaturanga to upward facing dog. Notice how much you feel when you don’t race through.

Quality over speed my friends. Have a lovely, slow day - even if you're busy. 
Oh, and please come to one of my ‘worksops’ this summer.