Focus of the Week: The Power of Pressing

I'm introducing something new to PYC Muskoka this summer that the yoga nerd in me is quite excited about. I've put together a theme for every week of our summer up here. The theme isn't a pose or even a group of poses. It's an action, often a simple and subtle one, that I want you to think about while you practice. I'll be recording a video that briefly explains the theme and will be weaving it into our classes in the boathouse. Feel free to follow along from anywhere!

We're starting your summer off with your connection to the floor. The theme for this week is the power of pressing. In any pose that you're in, I want you to think about what part(s) of your body are touching the floor and to really intentionally press them down into your mat and then notice what that does to the rest of your body. 

It's easy in your practice to just create the shapes, focus on your breath and wait for the next pose to be called. What I'm really excited about in my own practice (and at times, kind of hating because it's hard) is adding more engagement and strength to all the tiny little muscles in my body as I hold the poses. I've found that using the floor as a tool to press into automatically creates a stronger, more engaged pose in the rest of my body. 

Sounds simple, I know. But who likes complicated anyway?