Learning to Embrace Change

I think the most feared word for anyone with anxiety is CHANGE.

Establishing a strong daily routine was one of the things that really helped me when my anxiety was at its worst. The benefit of the consistency is you realize there are actually things you can control. The problem with it is that life is inevitably going to change and when that happens, so will your anxiety levels.

I’m experiencing this right now. There are several big changes on the horizon for me. Most of them are exciting, the kind you welcome with open arms. One of them, I’d change in a heartbeat if I could but I know it’s the right move.

The funny thing about anxiety is it doesn’t discriminate. Whether it’s a positive or negative change, your mind still spins around trying to predict how it’ll all play out. Knowing that life as you know it is going to shift can trigger worry, doubt, insecurity and whatever else comes up when you’re looking ahead to the unknown.

Here’s how I’m learning to embrace the reality that life changes and supporting myself through the anxiety that comes with that.

There Are No Wrong Emotions

Times of change are that much harder when we judge ourselves for how we’re feeling. I’ve ugly cried a few times this month. I’ve felt excited then unsure, scared then happy, confused then hopeful. And it’s all okay. Just feel whatever you feel.

Pick Your Battles

Pay close attention to your thoughts. Your mind is really good at running in circles about things that you have no control over. When you find yourself worrying, looking ahead, ask: what can I focus on right now that I can control?

Change Is Good

My favourite Melody Beattie quote says ‘you don’t have to fear change, what you have to fear is things remaining the same, when that happens life has stopped’. Couldn’t have said it better myself, so why try?

Trust. Trust. Trust.

Life is unfolding exactly as it’s supposed to. Flex your faith muscles and choose to believe you’re right where you’re supposed to be and you’re heading exactly where you’re supposed to go. Your mind just can’t see that yet.

And always remember - you’re never alone. xx