Accepting Change and Embracing Uncertainty

You know that stereotypical yoga teacher you see in the movies whose all laid back, go with the flow and let’s all just trust the universe?

that’s not me.

I’m a planner, a like to be in control type and a figure things out in my head five hundred times over before they’ve even happened kind of girl. Anyone else out there? That’s why I love this practice and why I believe in the power of sharing it with others. It gives those of us who are naturally anxious and slightly - fine, seriously - controlling the tools to cope when life changes, things don’t go as planned and we’re surrounded by uncertainty.

I’ve already told you a few months ago that there’s some big changes coming up in my life but what I haven’t shared since is that the plans for these changes have changed themselves more times than I can count. Given my natural tendency towards controlling things it should come as no surprise that the past few months have tested me. Just when I think I have a plan and I know what the next few months are going to look like, life comes in with a little giggle and changes things up on me again.

Most days I feel completely confident and inspired to embrace the unknown.
Some days I feel so lost and unsure of what’s next that I feel stuck.
On the odd bad day, my best course of action seems to be FaceTiming my Mom in tears. Just me?

I know that all of this uncertainty is teaching me some important lessons. We all know that change is a part of life and there are certain times where uncertainty far outweighs stability. The past six months have been teaching me to be okay with the discomfort of being in the in-between, to ride the waves of mixed emotions that transitions trigger and to do my best to keep the anticipation and what ifs in check.

I know that if I’m feeling all this discomfort with the question marks in my life right now then there’s definitely someone out there reading this whose feeling something similar and I always, always find comfort in knowing I’m not alone. So if you’re reading this and thinking, Jenn I’m with you, at least we’re in it together, right? A move. A job change. A breakup. Big or small. Chosen or forced. Change brings uncertainty and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of wasting your precious energy trying to figure everything out before its time - hello! Here are the three biggest lessons I’ve learned over and over again this year as I’ve been stuck in the in-between.

ACCEPT THAT Sometimes You JUST Can’t Plan.

Some stages of our lives bring uncertainty to the forefront. In these times the best we can do is take care of ourselves, accept that things are moving around and remind ourselves that although we feel a little lost right now, we’ll find our footing and feel settled again in the future.

Be kind to yourself, take good care of yourself and accept that this just isn’t a point in your life where you get to see that far ahead. Do what you can today with what you do know and trust that you’ll know more when the time is right.

See the Stability.

When something in my life is stressing me out, my mind is incredibly skilled at focusing on that and that alone. Ever notice when you have a sore muscle in your body, your brain seems to zoom in on that and it’s all you can concentrate on? The circumstances of our lives do the exact same thing to our brain. If one little thing feels out of place, that’s all our mind wants to occupy itself with.

If you’re finding yourself constantly wrapped up in the things that aren’t stable, step back and look for the things that are. This hit me yesterday and I felt like a bit of a brat. I’ve been complaining about all the change but the truth is, all the things that really matter in my life are so stable and so secure. The parts that are shifting and moving are all circumstances, places and material things. For that I’m really grateful.

Trust. Trust. Trust.

I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again. It’s just so relevant for me right now. The past few months have been teaching me to trust that life is unfolding exactly as it should even though my brain is swirling with a bunch of questions that don’t yet have answers.

Do you ever feel like there’s two competing voices in your head? One that trusts. One that fears. We choose what voice we want to give power to. You can choose to fuel the uncertainty and the fear of the unknown, knowing that it’s going to drain you and leave you feeling not your best. You can just as easily choose to fuel the faith and believe that you’re going to land exactly where you’re supposed to.

I’ll close this off by saying one more time that the changes I’m facing are all classified under first world problems. It’s a privilege to even be faced with them and I know that! I still felt compelled to share the lessons I’m learning as I navigate the many mixed emotions that come up in the face of change.

If you’re feeling like the way things once were doesn’t feel like your life anymore and the way things are going to be hasn’t quite set in yet, remind yourself to accept, to see the stability you do have and to trust that life has a way of leading you even when you can’t see where you’re headed.