I Have Some News To Share

I spent countless hours this year in front of my favourite window quietly working away at something I’ve been toying with doing for years. I’ve always felt crystal clear on why I teach yoga: because of what it does for our minds. Are there a lot of other benefits? Sure. But in my opinion, the power this practice has to transform the way you see yourself and the world outweighs them all.

Yoga has been my ‘job’ for close to a decade now and I plan on teaching until I’m old and grey. While I cherish that role and all that comes with it, I couldn’t help but notice this tiny little whisper within me that wanted to connect with my students off the mat, continue the transformation that yoga inspires in a more intimate setting and provide ongoing support to those seeking more meaning, fulfillment and confidence in their life.

I’m excited, proud and admittedly, just a little (a lot) scared to share that I’ve spent this year chipping away at my life coaching certificate to really understand the tools and mindset shifts that create positive change in peoples lives. I believe we all need support at different moments and for different reasons and as a coach, I hope to be able to provide that to those who are seeking it.

Maybe you’re looking to quiet that voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough. Maybe you want to find the confidence to step up and do that thing you’ve always dreamed of doing. Maybe you’ve ticked off all the boxes of what you thought you wanted and are wondering is this it? Maybe you’re craving a deeper connection to yourself and your purpose on this planet. Maybe you feel stuck and want clarity around who you are and where you’re heading.

Whatever it is, I believe that the answers to these kinds of questions are already within you. They’re just really hard to hear when there’s so much other noise in your mind. It can really help to have someone on the outside to lend a kind ear, be a neutral sounding board, a cheerleader and a pillar of support. I’m hoping to do just that with one-on-one coaching and group programs in addition to all the regular @pycmuskoka programming.

If you’re certain you want to dive into this work, send me a message and let’s chat. If you’re hearing that little whisper but thinking it would be oh so easy to ignore it, send me a message and let’s definitely chat. I have some spaces open for powerful conversations. No pressure and no strings attached. If you’re ready, I am here for you!