Worry: The Energy Waster

A few months ago, I wrote a post about anticipatory anxiety and the useless but frequent habit I have of worrying about what I think might happen in the future.

When I moved to London for the year, I told Mike that I was worried about enrolling for this years June yoga retreat in Muskoka because for the first time since I started teaching, I wasn't going to have any presence on a regular schedule in Oakville, Mississauga or Toronto. He tried his best to reassure me but deep down the irrational voice in my head was worried that no one would sign up because everyone would forget about me by then. Sounds so silly typing it out and sharing that with you guys, but let's face it, I'm sure that you hear a lot of stupid things between those two ears of yours too. 

As of a week ago, the June retreat was officially sold out. That's happened before but usually around May. Never at the beginning of February. All of a sudden my worry went from how am I going to get people to sign up to how do I find space for all the people that haven't signed up yet? Instead of having trouble enrolling for the first one, my biggest issue was making sure the hotel had availability to add a second one. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm pumping my own tires. I am pretty happy, but the point here isn't to brag.

I'm sharing this to show you just how much time I wasted worrying about something that never even happened. 

The same thing happened when I first decided to open the studio up north. Those of you that have been know that it has a 'ghetto fabulous' charm right down to the simple plywood floors. In the weeks leading up to opening day, I worried that the floors would be an issue. People wouldn't like them. They'd want something more luxury. Maybe everyone would get slivers and never come back? 

The studio has been open for 6 years and I've never had anyone complain about the floors. But on Day 2 of being open there was a lot of rain and I suddenly realized that with all of the energy I wasted worrying about the floors I completely forgot to think about our old roof and the leaks that came with it.

Again, a perfect example of wasting precious energy worrying about something that never even ended up being an issue. 

As you start a new week, your to do list runs long, the pull of work responsibilities starts to tug at you and the overwhelm of everything that you need to get done sets in, I want you to be aware of when you're worrying about things that might never happen.

We all want more energy and unless you're psychic, you can't predict the future. So let's stop wasting our time on the things that might not even happen and focus on what we can do right now instead of worrying about the future.