In these classes, I lead you through vinyasa practices that vary in length and style. The inspiration for these videos came from my students in Muskoka that expressed a desire to take a piece of that cottage country yoga magic with them throughout the year. While I know it's impossible to replicate the blue heron, baby ducks and lily pads that make the boathouse so special, I've done my best!

Now you can practice no matter where you are or what time of year it is. These classes were filmed without music, but feel free to throw your favourite playlist on or use one of mine on Spotify - if you have trouble finding me just send an email, happy to help

If you'd like a preview of the classes, you can check them out here:
Power Yoga on the Dock
Boathouse Deep Flow
Boathouse Power Yoga

As always, know that this is your practice to create. You can do as much or as little of what I'm saying as your heart desires. Listen to your body, modify in any way and take breaks when you need to. 

Happy Practicing and Much Love,



A few things to know about your purchase

The downloads may take 2 or more minutes as it's a longer class. If you want to practice at the cottage, I suggest downloading before you head up so you aren't dealing with slow WiFi (Muskoka problems)! Streaming is not available yet but something I am looking into. 

You'll be given 2 downloads. If you require more downloads - say you get a new computer - just email me - - and I will send a fresh download link your way.

This online store is a new (and exciting) project for me. I think I have all of the kinks worked out but please be patient if we run into any issues. I'm becoming quite tech-savvy but it's a learning curve. 


January 1 - 31, 2019
Daily Emails & Guided Meditation

Maybe you've always wanted to start meditating but aren't quite sure where to start. Maybe you get started but you can't figure out how to be consistent. Maybe you've never even thought of meditating before, but you know that you want more tools to deal with the stress and responsibilities of our daily lives.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, this Meditation Challenge is for you. The entire program is online and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Most of us are so good at 'doing' that we never give ourselves time to just be. Join me on a month long journey of finding stillness, connecting to yourself and diving deep into a practice that will give you the tools to be present and appreciate more moments in your life.

All that's asked of you is to carve out a few minutes for yourself each day, I'll handle the rest. Don't have a few minutes? I'll leave you with this:

"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes each day, unless you're too busy. Then you should sit for an hour." - Old Zen Saying

* At the end of this challenge you will have unlimited access to the 31 daily meditations
* This program is the same as the 2018 New Year Meditation Challenge


I kicked off 2018 with Jenn’s 30 Day Meditation Challenge and it is the reason I have a regular meditation practice in my life today. Jenn’s approach to meditation (it doesn’t have to be perfect!) made the practice feel much more accessible to me than other meditation tools or apps I had tried in the past. Her guides include many different techniques, are beautifully thought out and are only five minutes long making them so easy to fit into your routine (I started meditating after brushing my teeth every morning - and still do!). Plus the daily and weekly themes will leave you with all the feels!
— Allie
Jenn’s meditation challenge was the first mindful exercise that actually help my attention and caused a shift in my consciousness. The daily e-mails were short and easy to navigate. I looked forward to getting them in my inbox each day and was very disappointed when it was over. Each meditation was different and connected with my everyday life and what was unfolding for me in life. They were delivered in a very creative way which kept me engaged with my efforts. This challenge is a breath of fresh air compared to other mainstream and generic meditation apps available today. The program is raw, personal and connects with you in a deeper more meaningful way. This is why I was successful with my meditation challenge and felt a shift in my consciousness while listening to Jenn’s meditations. After completing Jenn’s meditation challenge, I was able to have a new appreciation for what mindfulness meant to me. I felt like I had gained new tools from the meditation challenge that would allow me to continue with my own practice in a very meaningful way.
— Nat
January is a perfect time to regroup after the holidays and begin a meditation program. With Jenn’s program, you quickly look forward to the next session. Each is brief, only 5 minutes yet you will feel complete, calm and energized at the conclusion. The hardest part was taking that first step and signing up. At the end of the 31 days, I felt proud of my accomplishment and had a positive mindset toward meditating regularly moving forward.
— Shirley