Post Christmas Sweat (with a little stillness)

Saturday, December 29th 12:30-2:30pm
with Maggie Aynsley & Jenn Dwyer
Power Yoga Canada Oakville
$35 +hst

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

By December 29th, you might be wondering why Andy Williams lied, ha! You’re full of food, low on energy and the New Years Eve parties are just a few days away. That’s where we come in - peel yourself off that couch and join us at the studio to release the holidays, sweat out the turkey and feel like yourself again.

This master class is all about reconnecting to yourself after the fun and often crazy holiday season. We’ll start with a meditation to get present, then move through a sweaty, all levels vinyasa flow with music to keep you inspired (it is still party time after all) and we’ll finish it off with a long, relaxing savasana (with all the fixings).

Take this time for yourself at the end of the year to reflect on all the 2018 brought, be grateful for who you are right now and set an intention for what you want to create more of as you move into the New Year.

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Sunday, January 6th, 2019
with Jenn Dwyer
Power Yoga Canada Oakville


We’ve heard it’s good for us. We’ve been told we should find the time. So why do so many of us still struggle to stay consistent when it comes to having a daily meditation practice? This workshop, conveniently scheduled right after the 9:30am class, will give you the tools to finally commit to meditating in 2019.

Many of you practice yoga regularly as a way of taking care of your body. Meditation is exactly that - for your mind. Your brain needs a little love each day - just like your body does - to feel it’s best. Join me for an hour at the start of the year where we will find stillness, connect to ourselves after the busiest time of year and explore a practice that gives us the tools to be more present and appreciate more moments in our lives. We’ll talk through some of the common misconceptions that make this practice feel hard, we’ll go through a few tips that have helped me develop a regular practice and finally, we’ll sit together in a guided meditation that will show you that you can make this practice a part of your life starting right now.

After the workshop you will receive 5 guided meditations to give you the little kickstart that you need to feel confident meditating on your own at home. It’s as easy as pressing play!

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